Raised by Piranha

by Daniel Crommie

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A truly rare archival recording, “Raised by Piranha” was originally released in 1987 in a very limited run – probably fewer than 25 cassette copies escaped! Recorded on various media: direct to cassette, cassette porta-studio and direct to stereo digital and then digitally mastered on the Sony PCM 701es. Daniel was assisted by musical compatriots Jamie Haggerty and Tom Dougherty who provided extra synth textures and chimed in with lyric ideas for “Ranch-Style Sushi” as well. Kristi Mergenthaler wrote and sang “Hilbert Space” on a lark - this special edition includes two versions of this quirky track.
The words for “Roadmap and Aerial Photographs” date back to 1974 as part of a collection of poetry Daniel was writing a few years before he started composing music. This is indeed an eclectic, eccentric and perhaps Daniel Crommie’s least “commercial” work to date.


released November 25, 1987

Recorded between April 1986 & January 1987
At The Living Room and Nightwings. Engineers: Daniel Crommie and Jamie Haggerty

Daniel Crommie: vocals, synthesizers, drum programming, electric clarinet & cheap digital sampler.

Tom Dougherty: additional synth, cheap digital sampler and voice synthesizer on tracks 1, 8, 9 & 10.

Jamie Haggerty: additional synth on tracks 1, 2 & 10.

Kristi Mergenthaler: vocals on “Hilbert Space”.

All selections written by Daniel Crommie except “Ranch-Style Sushi” which was written by Crommie/Dougherty and “Hilbert Space” which was written by Crommie/Mergenthaler.

Layout & design by Daniel Crommie.

All songs 1987 New Weave / BMI



all rights reserved


Daniel Crommie Portland, Oregon

Daniel Crommie is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (mandolins, buche, balalaika, recorders, flutes, synthesizers, etc.) and producer (Janie Mitchell, Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Lew Jones, Karen Searcy) who has released over two dozen solo albums, numerous albums with Group Du Jour, four with Echo System and five with Saturnalia Trio over the last 25 years on the New Weave label. ... more

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Track Name: Model Cities
Jet trails criss-cross
Over grids and river runs
Sonic boom repercussion
Beat of distant drums
But skies don’t fall
On model cities

Mystery machines are whirring
Humming is in my head
Not only telephones ring
In quiet neighborhoods

My mind can bend
Steel spoons without a hitch
Rippling muscles that sing
In perfect pitch
Stay up late, without any rest
In model cities

Quiet neighborhoods
In model cities
This is where I live
The place I rest my head

Consonance & dissonance
Track Name: Can I Play With Your Animal?
Can I Play With Your Animal?
Can I play
with your animal?
May I wear
a disguise?
Would you jump
Through the hoop?
Could there be
Another reason
For this mystery?
Tell me that
You’d love to
See us all aglow
Waiting for
The moment
Waiting for
The moment
That the skin
Begins to show
Can I Play
With your animal?

Can I Play
With your animal?
Dress in feathers
And snake skin
Would you mind
If we turned?
Turned up the heat?
Do you hear the knocking?
We won’t invite
The neighbors
To our private party
Let me take off
Your black mask
And let this
Moment begin
Track Name: Reptile Farm
Hey mister invincible
Just hit your stride
Got a shiny new mask
To cover the nasty insides
Get on a conveyor belt
To take you to dinner
A brand-new Hitler
In your band of sinners

I think you were hatched
At the reptile farm
Too bad you don’t slither
Where you can’t do any harm
The reptile farm

Hey mister invincible
I know you’ll never bother
Telling the rotten truth
To our city’s father
Just get rich quick
And take some advice
Maybe mister uniform
Will keep the world in a vise
Track Name: Isolated One
Exoskeleton waiting
The motor is running
Key frozen in ignition
Lights on full flash
Cigarette fireflies
Tease smoked glass
And what awaits you now
Isolated one?

Did you strain your eyes
To seize the hot sun?
Had they given to you
All the attention deserved
When happily is ended
What you’ve only begun
The spirit world murdered
The song left unsung

Now have you a lot to say
Of fortune and your fame?
No effort is required
To simply hate what you
Refuse to understand
Protected firmy by the faceless
And what awaits you now
Isolated one?
Track Name: Roadmap & Aerial Photographs
Before you spare a dime
For missing teeth
Dangling neckties and absent eyes
You both agree
Of course you stammer to the cinema
To see
Don’t you want to see?

Flickers flashing through
Chosen space
While manipulating the popcorn
Your vehicle falters
Cautiously ahead

Corduroy roads
Lead nervously toward
Eventually hidden horizons
Giggling creeks
Where birds speak in ancient tongues
As ancestors hide
While sore feet thump
Like the noggins of your children
Who were raised like watermelon

As the thought of the ripe are torn
By angry piranha thorn
Snags are beaten back
In repetition
By old-fashioned canes
With worm-eaten veins
To grab hold of skeletal remains
Next to the devil’s campfire
As the sands of the giggling creek
Swims sweetly to sea

Meanwhile, beside a grand oak tree
Just out back of heathen theatre
Stood a life-size model of the messiah
Without a moment of warning
Track Name: Ranch-Style Sushi
Frozen food tastes so good
Yellow and green, but never blue
I’m so McHappy
Living in a ranch-style home
Where the beer and doggies foam
And springtime smells
Like a fresh-mown lawn
Oh, where have my paychecks gone?

I’ll go to the Buy Mart
And pick up a shopping cart
Full of ranch-style sushi and some ranch dressing
And ranch-style eggs
And drive home in the Ranchero
By the light of a fluorescent moon
And let the doggy fetch the slippers
While I scream at the pussy whippers

Mexican jockey
Riding his donkey
Use a weed-eater
Around the bird feeder
Take out another loan
Throw the mutt a bone
Moving up the ladder
Eat another platter
Of ranch-style sushi